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I can think of several reasons I love living at Amhurst. First, I feel very safe and secure living here. Don't get me wrong, I never let my guard down but rest assured Amhurst is a very safe community.  The residents look out for one another and are very kind and considerate. I know my neighbors and believe everyone keeps their eyes open for anything that falls out of the norm. I love the meticulously groomed grounds; the mature trees, the ponds, the wildlife roaming through from time to time.  I greatly appreciate having an on-site manager who is caring and treats every call as a priority. Where else would you find this?

Mark Gates


Amhurst is maintained so beautifully I'm always proud to have my friends drive through the complex.

Mary Dworsky


We moved into our unit in September 2014. We were attracted by the convenient location, the "village in the city" environment, the mature foliage and well kept grounds, an on site manager, the variety of units and courts and the non "cookie cutter" feel. The condition of the buildings is outstanding, the units are well built and sound proof. We have met  several of our neighbors, many of whom have lived have for many years. We look forward to many years of enjoying our patio, fireplace, the swimming pool, and the nearby parks and trails. Amhurst community is a great value!    

Rick & Kay Herceg


We love living at Amhurst! The extensive mature landscaping is attractive and nicely maintained. The area is quiet and feels isolated yet shopping and restaurants are very close by. The association is very dog friendly with no size restrictions and an off-leash dog run. Extensive personal gardening is allowed by the association. Access to freeways and the regional bike trails linking to the chain of lakes is excellent. A pool and tennis court are nice amenities. Neighbors are very nice and look out for one another.

Dan & Sheryl Fink


The Amhurst logo, "A Village in the City," tells its own story. This is a self-contained community with landscaping of mature trees including flowering fruit trees; two ponds with ducks; walking paths; a pool; tennis courts; and a dog run. And this bucolic scene is only 20 minutes from downtown and 10 minutes from a half-dozen of the city's lakes. In addition, as you walk your dog on your daily rounds, you will meet and become friends with your fellow residents walking their pet.

Stuart Telecky


I moved in October 1993 thinking I would live here five years.  I'm still here.  Why would I do that?  Many reasons.  First it has a well organized Board and on-site association manager.  The board listens to the community at large.  There has never been a time I have called with an issue that we haven't solved together, and for the good of the entire complex.  The Amhurst community is whatever you want it to be.  You can join in several activities that happen throughout the year or keep to yourself.  The complex is centrally located to any highway you need and of course, close to quality stores.  From time to time I do look to see what is out there.  There isn't anything that compares to the location, the beautiful surroundings, and most of all the people who truly are devoted to making Amhurst the great place it is to live.

Pamela Rossman


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