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Snow Removal Updates

The parking lots are scheduled to be cleared of remaining snow

Monday January 30

Towing begins at 8AM!

All vehicles must be moved to a garage, the street, or a parking space that has been cleared of snow. Any vehicle that has not been moved to a garage, the street, or a parking space that has been cleared of snow, will be towed at owner’s expense. Vehicles that have been towed may be recovered at​

Frankie's Towing
5615 Highway 169 Service Drive

Plymouth, MN 55442

Be in the know, avoid the tow!



2023 Board of Directors

Linda Dingbaum-President

Audrey Stein Vice-President

Alissa Koewler Vice-President

Jordana Lewis-Treasurer

Norma Stading-Secretary

Garbage and Recycling Carts

Do not place your trash/recycle carts out earlier than Wednesday evening. Return them to your garage no later than Thursday evening. It is unacceptable to leave them out at any other time. Keep in mind the trash service uses a truck with a mechanical lifting/dumping arm.

It is important to follow these guidelines to ensure your trash gets collected.

1) Trash/recycle collection time is 7AM-5PM

2) Place your bins 3 feet away from building, and each other. This is mandatory as the trash truck uses a mechanical arm to lift and dump bins into the truck without damaging building and/or garage door. The driver is not obligated to get out the truck. 

3) Fill your bin only to point where lid will close. If overfilled, it may not get collected.

4) Do not place any items alongside bins, they will not be collected. 

5) Only ordinary household trash/recyclable items are allowed in bins. No construction materials, demolition debris, or HAZMAT are allowed in the bins.  

If you plan to go out of town, make arrangements to have your carts placed/removed from parking lot in the above specified time frame.

You may mark your carts using a method that is not permanent. There is specific Identification Numbers on the sides of the bin also. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

​HO-6 Insurance Policy

Please ensure the Association is in receipt of a current HO-6 policy for your home showing at least $25,000 in Loss Assessment Coverage.  Your HO-6's term is for one year.  You must send this to the Association or have your agent do so each year when your policy renews.





​​2023 DATA SHEET​








    Board of Directors Meeting Schedule 2023

The Board of Directors Meetings typically will begin at 7:30PM, and takes place in the Community Room at St. Louis Park City Hall. Homeowners may also choose to attend by Zoom. Homeowners will receive an email the week before the scheduled meeting with instructions on how to attend

If you have any questions for the Board, please submit questions to the Manager/Board Member via email, text or written letter. You may email your questions to the Association Manager at Questions must be received by noon of the Meeting date and will be addressed before the meeting begins. You may place written letters in the Lohman's Amhurst drop box located in the mailbox stand at 3660 Independence Ave South. 

Board of Directors Meeting Schedule 2023

Meetings will begin 7:30

February 21

March 21

April 18

May 16

June 20

July 18

August 15

September 19

October 17

November 21

December 19

Important Dates 2023

Pool open May 19 

Garage Sale Saturday June 3rd

Summerfest Tuesday August 1

Pool closes Monday September 11

Annual Meeting December 12

Lohman's Amhurst 2022 SummerFest.

 Thanks to all who attended Summerfest! It's always enjoyable to gather with friends and family for an afternoon BBQ.

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