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COVID19 Update for Lohman’s Amhurst  26MARCH2020


In order to reduce the threat of COVID19 to all Residents at Lohman’s Amhurst the following conditions are implemented as of 26MARCH2020


 Trash/Recycle service will continue as scheduled; however, the drivers are mandated not to leave their trucks. Trash placed on the ground, and overloaded bins, will not be collected.

       Yard waste collection has been suspended by             mandate of Republic Services until further notice. I suggest placing yard waste in bags and collecting on your patio. PLEASE, do not leave any yard waste at the pool shed!

 The porta potty at the pool shed has been closed until further notice.

 The use of the tennis court and basketball courts have been suspended until further notice. Please refer to the St Louis Park website below for dog run availability. Also parks in St Louis Park are open.

 The use of the gazebo has been suspended until further notice.

Your compliance with the above conditions is greatly appreciated. Please continue to monitor this website for updates at Lohman’s Amhurst.


The St Louis Park website

also has valuable information in regards to COVID19 and what municipal facilities 

                 are open/closed in St Louis Park.                             

 Snow Removal Update

Please check the top of this section after snowfalls. I will post whether the snowfall amount has reached the 1.5'' trigger, or not. Also, the banner "Snow Removal Update" will be highlighted in red if the trigger has been reached. Additional information will also be posted. 

 According to our contract, the contractor has 12 hours to shovel after the cessation of a snowfall exceeding 1.5 inches. If you see sidewalks that are shoveled but yours is not it may be a neighbor has shoveled. Shoveling at night after a snowfall is not a Noise Ordinance violation.

Keep in mind the 1.5'' trigger for shoveling/plowing is for each snowfall event, not an accumulation of snow on sidewalks and parking lots. If the accumulation of snow gets excessive then the contractor may be contacted to shovel/plow. This will be an additional cost to the Association performed on a Time and Material basis. 

2020 Trash and Recycle Calendar

The 2020 Trash And Recycle Calendar is available on this website. It is posted under the Documents column to the right. A hard copy was delivered to Resident doors early January 2020 along with the 2020 Resident Guide and 2020 Winter Newsletter.

Outdoor Garage Lights

Please consider turning on your outside garage light at night. This will aid in illuminating our parking lots making them safer for all of us.

LED bulbs are available for low cost and are very inexpensive to operate!!!

Garbage and Recycling Carts.

Please do not place your trash/recycle carts out earlier than Wednesday evening for trash/recycle pick up, and return them to your garage no later than Thursday evening. It is unacceptable to leave them out at any other time. Keep in mind the trash service uses a truck with a mechanical lifting/dumping arm. The driver does not get out the truck so it is important to follow these guidelines to ensure your trash gets collected.

1) Place your bins 3 feet away from building, and each other. This allows the trash truck room to lift and dump into truck without damaging building and/or garage door. 

2) Fill your bin only to point where lid will close. If overfilled it may not get collected.

3) Do not place any items alongside bins, they will not be collected. 


If you plan to go out of town, make arrangements to have your carts placed/removed from parking lot in specified time frame.

You may mark your carts using a method that is not permanent. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated

Yard Waste Bins

The yard waste bins located at the pool shed are for leaves, plants and small branches only.  Do not put rocks, bricks or dirt in them. Also, no plastic bags.  Please call me if you need assistance in disposing of restricted materials

​HO-6 Insurance Policy

Please ensure the Association is in receipt of a current HO-6 policy for your home showing at least $25,000 in Loss Assessment Coverage.  Your HO-6's term is for one year.  You will need to send this to the Association or have your agent do so  each year when your policy renews.




(Rules and Regulations)



​​2020 DATA SHEET​








2020 Board of Directors


President              Gina Soucheray

Vice President      Cindy Piche

Vice President      Ashley Brown

Treasurer              Linda Dingbaum

Secretary              Bink Semmer

Board Meeting Dates

Meetings are held at 7PM, St Louis Park City Hall. 

Check here on Friday before meeting date for Agenda and Meeting Room

2020 Schedule

February No Meeting

March No Meeting

April 21st

There will be Q&A session for homeowners at this meeting. The session will be from 7-730 PM. If no homeowners with questions are present at 7PM, the Q&A session will be closed and the Board meeting will commence.

May 19th

June 16th

July 21st

August 18th

September 15th

October 20th

November 17th

December 15th

 Important Dates for 2020

June 6th Garage Sale

August 4th Summer Fest

November 17th Annual Homeowner Meeting

      2019 Amhurst SummerFest Slide Show.


 Photos by Kathy Leighton

Thanks to all the volunteers that helped make this year's event a great success!

 Phone: (952) 933-9747
Email the manager:


3680 Independence Ave S

St Louis Park, MN 55426-3761