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Outdoor Garage Lights

Please consider turning on your outside garage light at night. This will aid in illuminating our parking lots making them safer for all of us.

LED bulbs are available for low cost and are very inexpensive to operate!!!

Utilities upgrade at Lohman's Amhurst

You may have noticed all the flags and markings in the yards and parking lots. Lohman's Amhurst aging underground electric lines are being replaced with new lines!!! The white flags represent the proposed route. The new lines will be installed via underground boring to minimize turf disruption. Please do not tamper with any flags. 

Garbage and Recycling Carts.

Please do not place your trash/recycle carts out earlier than Wednesday evening for trash/recycle pick up, and return them to your garage no later than Thursday evening. It is unacceptable to leave them out at any other time. Keep in mind the trash service uses a truck with a mechanical lifting/dumping arm. The driver does not get out the truck so it is important to follow these guidelines to ensure your trash gets collected.

1) Place your bins 3 feet away from building, and each other. This allows the trash truck room to lift and dump into truck without damaging building and/or garage door 

2) Fill your bin only to point where lid will close. If overfilled it may not get collected.

3) Do not place any items alongside bins, they will not be collected. 


If you plan to go out of town, make arrangements to have your carts placed/removed from parking lot in specified time frame.

You may mark your carts using a method that is not permanent. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated

Update on Collection and NSF Policy

There have been changes made to the collection and NSF policy. Please note the changes to the policy are highlighted in the text

Association Collection & NSF Policy

All HOA dues payments are due on the first day of each month. There is a ten day grace period. If payment is not received by the end of the day on the tenth, a late fee of $35 will be assessed on any account not having a zero balance. The homeowner will receive a statement notifying them of the late fee charged. If the Association does not receive payment by the 30th day of the month, or the 28th if February, including the late payment fee, the Association's attorney will be authorized to send a collection letter.  Homeowner will be assessed the attorney's fee. If payment is not received in accordance with the attorney's instructions, court proceedings will be initiated. 


Collection Policy

1. The Association must receive HOA dues payments for the month no later than the tenth day of that month. For each month that a homeowner has a balance due on his or her account after the tenth day of the month, the account will be assessed a late payment fee of $35.00.


2. If the balance of the account is not paid in full, including the late payment fee, by the 30th day of the month, (28th for February), the account will be turned over to the Association’s attorney for collection.  All attorney fees and costs are the responsibility of the homeowner and will be invoiced to the homeowner.


3. If payment is not received in accordance with the attorney's instructions, lien proceedings will be initiated.  All attorney fees and costs are the responsibility of the homeowner and will be invoiced to the homeowner.


Non-Sufficient Fund (NSF) Policy

If the Association is notified that there are not enough funds to pay a check written to the Association by a homeowner, the homeowner's account will be charged an NSF penalty. If the payment is re-deposited and is paid, the NSF charge is $10.00.  If the check is not accepted for payment upon re-deposit, there will be an additional $25.00 charge, for a total of $35.00. The homeowner's account will be invoiced for these charges in addition to the amount of the NSF check. If a homeowner writes an NSF check to the Association, the Board may decide to accept only money orders or cashier's checks from that homeowner in the future.


If a homeowner receives an NSF notice due to improper portal payment, their account will be charged an NSF fee of $35.00, payable directly to Sharper Management. This NSF fee is a transaction between homeowner and Sharper Management.

Association Dues for 2020

The monthly HOA dues for 2019 is $285. Please keep this in mind if you use the payment portal. If you are enrolled in ACH the amount will automatically be increased. The fee for Dues Current request when selling your home is $100.

Yard Waste Bins

The yard waste bins located at the pool shed are for leaves, plants and small branches only.  Do not put rocks, bricks or dirt in them. Also, no plastic bags.  Please call me if you need assistance in disposing of restricted materials


Our Wooded Areas

Please do not dump in our wooded areas.  This includes construction materials, landscape timbers, leaves, etc.  Feel free to use the yard waste bins at the pool shed for yard waste.  Remember, bags must be compost friendly paper bags. No plastic bags. Thank you.

​HO-6 Insurance Policy

Please ensure the Association is in receipt of a current HO-6 policy for your home showing at least $25,000 in Loss Assessment Coverage.  Your HO-6's term is for one year.  You will need to send this to the Association or have your agent do so  each year when your policy renews.



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